Goals and mission

The main objectives of ACBA Leasing Company are as follows:

  • Contribute  to   small  anmedium  enterprises  acting  in  all spheres  of  the economics, besides,   to rural economies to purchase  equipment  and means  of  production  through medium term financing,
  • Make leasing the most applicable instrument in RA Financial Market,
  • Ensure RA Economics Production Spectrum Development,
  • Contribute to RA enterprises in renovating their main resources.

      Flexible and professional approach of our organization creates real values providing:

  • For RA organizations – Development and Financing Sustainable and Competitive Resource,
  • For Suppliers  – Consumer Market Volume Enlargement,
  • For each member of our team –  Permanent Professional, Personal and Material Growth,
  • For the state – Business Transparency and Legality Security,
  • For the public – Economics Development and Welfare Improvement.

Our organization is conscious of the fact that the key to success for any organization depends first of all on the personnel thereof, on the merits they possess, besides, on the relationships established within framework of the organization.

Leasing requires periodic improvement of our organization employees’ professional skills. That is the reason "ACBA Leasing" CJSC pays great attention mainly to the qualified cadres’ recruitment, training and retention.

We are conscious of the importance of recruitment of qualified specialists, but it is more important to maintain them.

These are the main reasons, in the result of which comfortable circumstances are provided for working, besides, healthy corporative aura is sustained based on mutual aid, trust, respect and creative work.

The company will continuously contribute to the development of RA Legislaton on leasing, will try its best to make this product more competitive for the market and available for the management subjects of all sectors of the economics.

Besides, "ACBA Leasing" CJSC will continually do its best to complement the market with new leasing products aiming at the satisfaction of growing demand.

LAST UPDATE: 07.08.2017

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