Workshop for Financing of Energy efficiency projects within the framework of E-FIX project


Workshop for Financing of Energy efficiency projects  within the framework of E-FIX project

Within the framework of the E-FIX Project, funded by the European Union under the Horizon2020 Programme, ACBA Leasing organized and implemented a stakeholder workshop . The main speaker of the event was the E-FIX project manager Andreas Karner. The purpose of the workshop was to introduce modern, innovative financing mechanisms of energy efficient programs to the representatives of different companies engaged in the sale of solar and renewable energy equipment, energy efficient equipment in Armenia, and discussion of ideas for possible new projects to be implemented and financed through leasing.

 “ACBA Leasing focuses on the development of “clean” energy and green economy in Armenia. Combining the opportunities provided by E-FIX, we will be able to find new financing mechanisms and solutions to raise awareness of the importance of energy-efficient programs for the broader public, and also organize energy efficiency trainings for industry representatives. Our goal is to help SMEs incorporate energy-saving equipment into their businesses, which will help reduce business costs and protect the environment," said General  manager of ACBA Leasing Arsen Bazikyan.

  “Innovative financing solutions for clean energy need to be developed for individuals and businesses clients in the long term not only to help them save money, but also to contribute to achieving global goals to mitigate climate change. ACBA Leasing has developed a specific financing product to provide energy efficiency investments under its green leasing product a long-term priority. Thanks to these innovative mechanisms, it is possible to find already new financing solutions today ", mentioned Andreas Karner, E-FIX Program Manager.

 ACBA Leasing has been involved as a project partner within the E-FIX Project since 2018, the project has a duration of 3 years.


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