ACBA LEASING received a prize from EBRD for the investments in the sphere of energetics


ACBA LEASING received a prize from EBRD for the investments in the sphere of energetics

An event, devoted to the official commencement of the new program aimed at financing of Green economies in Armenia, was held on February 19 by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), in the framework of which EBRD rewarded prizes to financial institutions and businessmen, which have had their active role in the sector of renewable energy and energy saving equipment investment.

ACBA LEASING has been rewarded with the prize “The Best Agent” by EBRD for efficient green investments implemented in the renewable energy sector under the category “Agent of Change”.

“In the framework of the program we have given under leasing energy saving, as well as renewable energetic equipment and fixed assets. Funding of green economies is one of the most essential directions for our company. Funding of green economies with EBRD has been launched starting from a total amount constituting USD 2, 5 million, which has further been supplemented by another tranche constituting USD 4 million. Now negotiations with our partner have been completed and it has been decided to provide another tranche in the amount of USD 2 million to ACBA LEASING.

More than 40 programs have been completed in all RA regions. As we are one of the members of the financial group “ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE”, we have great opportunities, as we can provide funding through 59 branches of ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK”, - said Arsen Bazikyan, General Manager of ACBA LEASING.

ACBA LEASING has made an investment of up to USD 20 million in the economy of Armenia due to more than 800 projects implemented since 2014 through its sub-brand “Green Leasing”.


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