Internal legal acts

"ACBA Leasing" CO CJSC  acting internal juridical acts



 2.  Internal regulations for the activity of "ACBA Leasing" CO CJSC 

 3.  "ACBA Leasing" CO CJSC Rules of Procedure of leasing of fixed assets

 4.  "ACBA Leasing" CO CJSC Regulation of the accounting policy

 5.  "ACBA Leasing" CO CJSC Regulation on the classification of assets and accounts receivable and establishment of reserves of possible losses

 6.  "ACBA Leasing" CO CJSC Regulation on combating money laundering and terrorism financing and maintenance of international sanctions 

 7.  "ACBA Leasing" CO CJSC POLICY of Liquidity, asset and liability management

 8.  "ACBA Leasing" CO CJSC Procedure on conduction of monitorings

 9.  "ACBA Leasing" CO CJSC Procedure of discussion of complaint demands

10. "ACBA Leasing" CO CJSC Management policy of environment and social system of "ACBA Leasing" CO CJSC

11. "ACBA Leasing" CO CJSC Standing order of regulation of real estate leasing

12. "ACBA Leasing" CO CJSC Procedure of management of problem leases

13. "ACBA Leasing" CO CJSC Procedure on leasing provided 50 % and more advance payment is provided

14. "ACBA Leasing" CO CJSC Procedure on express auto leasing

15. Tariffs

16. "ACBA Leasing" CO CJSC Rules of behaviour and internal discipline

17. "ACBA Leasing" CO CJSC Procurement Regulation

18. Regulation for conducting meetings of Board of "ACBA Leasing" CO CJSC

19. Regulation of preparation and conduction of Shareholders' general meeting of "ACBA Leasing" CO CJSC

20. The procedure of committees of "ACBA Leasing" CO CJSC

21. Procedure of property insurance of "ACBA Leasing" CO CJSC

22. Procedure on consumer leasing of "ACBA Leasing" CO CJSC

23. Procedure for evaluation of clients creditworthiness and implementation of risks committee of "ACBA Leasing" CO CJSC

24. Procedure on analysis of "ACBA Leasing" CO CJSC lease portfolio

25. "ACBA Leasing" CO CJSC Procedure on property registration and listing

26. "ACBA Leasing" CO CJSC Procedure on making inquiries from ACRA Credit Bureau and on providing Credit Bureau with database

27. "ACBA Leasing" CO CJSC Procedure on provision of professional conclusions 

28. "ACBA Leasing" CO CJSC Regulation of law division

29. "ACBA Leasing" CO CJSC Procedure on management of financial risks and attraction of financial resources


31. "ACBA Leasing" CO CJSC Rules on business behaviour with guarantors

32. "ACBA Leasing" CO CJSC Procedure of Controller and Internal Auditor

33. "ACBA Leasing" CO CJSC Order on internal legal acts

34.  "ACBA Leasing" CO CJSC Procedure on current assets 

 Registration Certificate               Tax Code                 Charter               License

"ACBA Leasing" CO CJSC

LAST UPDATE: 08.01.2020

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