Solar water heaters for residential buildings


Solar water heaters for residential buildings

Solar Water-Heaters cut energy costs by more than 80%. This project has already been implemented in Armenia but these results are groundbreaking. ACBA Leasing financed the project of solar water-heater system installation on the roof of a residential building, which took place within the Green Leasing subbrand - created in 2014 and certified for intellectual property.

The CEO of the Company Arsen Bazikyan stated that this project was the first but will not certainly be the last of such kind.

"Leasing of solar water-heating systems for appartment buildings is a novelty for us, however, within Green Leasing, we have carried out more than 60 such projects in the private sector (hotels, swimming pools, greenhouses etc.), and financing solar energy production has become one of key directions of ACBA Leasing",- Arsen Bazikyan stated in an interview with "Arajin News".

The project launched in August of 2016, with the initiative of "Tun Service". The solar water-heaters were installed on one of residential buildings in Davitashen 1 district. Auditing and mounting were performed by "ArpiSolar". The system started working in September 1, 2016. 

Preservation of the environment and risk minimalization of ecosystem harm are considered Green Leasing criteria.

This system provides hot water 90 inhibited apartments of the building and according to preliminary auditing, it will result in 80-90% efficiency during the first year.


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