The largest solar power station of the region "Tavush"


The largest solar power station of the region

“The most Armenian” station: the largest solar power station of the region “Tavush” has been opened in Yenoqavan.

On December 22, on the international day of energetics, the largest solar power station of the region “Tavush” has been opened in the village “Yenoqavan” of the region “Tavush”.

Hayk Harutyunyan, deputy minister of RA Energetic substructures and natural resources, during the opening noted: “The opening of the solar station is a progressive step to the energetic security”. It is a chance to use the big potential of renewable energy of Armenia and ensure the energetic independence of our country. Even under weather unfavourable conditions, for example, on foggy days, the station produces 147 kW electricity. By the solar map the region “Tavush” is a place of rare resources in our republic, as it is a humid zone full of precipitations. Particularly December is considered to be unfavourable. Nevertheless, the station has recorded surprising indices. Moreover, those indices have been recorded by operating our local solar panels.

The solar station opened in Yenoqavan is of 147 kW utility scale. It can produce up to 208.000 kWh electricity per annum. As a result of the operation average monthly AMD 745 000 will be saved and the atmosphere emissions resulted from greenhouse gases will be decreased by 7.2 tones. The intensity of the sun in the region “Tavush” of Armenia records more than 1500 kWh per 1 square meter, i.e. 1, 5 times more than in Europe.

“We are proud of the fact, that ACBA Leasing has implemented financing of the most powerful photovoltaic station in the region “Tavush. We have completed many projects in the sphere of pure energetics: the result is satisfactory as we have managed to establish efficient interrelations with organizations engaged in that sphere. Due to the experience gathered in the financial sphere throughout our long years and the close relations with the partners, at present we are able to offer profitable conditions and updated solutions to the investors”,- noted Arsen Bazikyan, General manager of “ACBA Leasing”.

Vahe Sharafyan, the technical manager of “Solaron”, said: “This is the first “the most Armenian” station in Armenia: projection, panel production and mounting have been completed by the Armenian specialists. All the panels have been inscribed “made in Armenia”. It is early to make provisions on the station operation efficiency, but it has managed to record positive indices throughout such short time period. Moreover, during the projection of the station the panels have been mounted without cementing, for not causing damage to the nature. The largest solar power station of RA region “Tavush” is mounted over the territory of the active recreation zone of the village “Yenoqavan”.


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